Joomla Extensions (and How to Work with Developers)   Development

The goal of the talk is to help users and integrators better understand extension developers and how to work with them. Joomla developers are critical to our ecosystem, and as users our experience is often shaped by our own behavior more than we realize.

I will start with giving some tips on how to fix things yourself, that will help you form a good bug report. I have also found by doing the easy things first, then giving them what they need to fix the trouble, Joomla extension developers often provide world-class support for nearly no money. Especially if you pick the right extensions... After all, they want their extensions to work!

I have worked in corporate IT teams, been a Unix systems administrator in a startup environment, and now lead a small team of LAMP/Joomla engineers. I have been on both sides of the "support" desk, and I believe that experience has helped me understand each side.